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Defining yourself with labels SUCKS!

This week we had our first snowfall of winter 2015, and it was BIG! We had two days where the temperature didn’t peak over 3degrees celsius, ¬†as snow fell almost to sea level blanketing everything in crisp white. Roads were closed, kids made snowmen in their back yards, keen snowboarders hiked the local resorts to […]

Who ARE you?

Who ARE you?

I’m not feeling particularly eloquent today folks – still a little drained from being out ill, and mentally exhausted from answering this question : Seriously – who ARE you? I’ve been sitting with this question for what seems like a small eternity, while trying to produce an About Me page. Sure I could reel off […]

Resisting Self-Love

Changing things up a little today, and opening up to posting about the things that really matter to me – never fear though, there’s ALWAYS going to be plenty of snow-covered goodness to be had in the Sanctuary. After being fairly well bed-ridden for a week battling fever and infection I’ve come to realise just […]

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