Hey lovely, I’m Jaime


I’m so, SO glad you’re here!

I’m an extraordinarily passionate adventure seeker and big-dreaming dynamo who nurtures an innate ambition to mentor other vivacious creatures along their life’s journey.


As a creative visionary, the notion of carving out a community of like-minded women to take the world by  storm has edged its way to the forefront of my psyche and now I’m a woman possessed!


In the back of my brain I’ve always desired to pursue a creative, constructive career – although as a seeker I struggled to put my finger my calling – and let it be known that I still may not have found it!

Flitting from one idea to the next I’ve done almost everything under the sun in search of my ideal place in the world – I’ve completed parts of Biomechanics, Teaching and various Creative degrees as well as been a serial job hopper.

Combining my passions for, adventure, ambition and guidance brings me here, with a wide open chapter ahead of me, I’m ready to dive in and create something beautiful.

See that photo up there – that’s me in my sanctuary.

Beautiful snow capped mountains have called my name for as long as I can remember, inviting me to come and play in their magical  winter wonderland.

Through passionate determination I’ve created a life that enables me to perch quietly in the cool air of my sanctuary as often as possible.


In creating that lifestyle I’ve acquired a plethora of expertise in goal setting, authenticity and straight-up gutsy determination.

If you wanna create a life full of adventure too – I’m your girl!


So beautiful, let me guide you to finding Sanctuary in your own life


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