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Defining yourself with labels SUCKS!

This week we had our first snowfall of winter 2015, and it was BIG! We had two days where the temperature didn’t peak over 3degrees celsius,  as snow fell almost to sea level blanketing everything in crisp white. Roads were closed, kids made snowmen in their back yards, keen snowboarders hiked the local resorts to […]

Inspired by a Mountain Lifestyle!

    Mountains.   They’re pretty impressive right?   Gigantic beasts with craggy faces wearing snowcapped peaks.   Their heads touching the clouds while their feet stretch out into endless plains and their toes dip into the edge of crystal clear lakes.

A birthday, a facelift AND a new adventure!

Sanctuary Snow recently turned two! Can you believe it?? I certainly can’t!   What began as a a side project documenting my foray into splitboarding quickly grew into a driving force in my life! Over the last two years I’ve invested time, and money, upgraded gear and pushed my riding, I’ve dropped dollars on a […]

Live YOUR Dream Life!

My three hottest tips for living the life YOU want!

My goals for snowboarding in Japan!

Well, its been a while…I was pulled away from writing for a long while, I wasn’t drawn to even look at my own writing let alone try and write a post for the sake of keeping up appearances. I have my reasons for stepping back and shifting focus, but that is a story for another […]

Splitboard Sunday : Doolans edition

Splitboard Sunday : Doolans edition

Spending the day in the Doolans with my love and my splitboard under the most perfect bluebird sky was incredible. My skills are progressing much faster than I had hoped, & thanks to some good pointers I finally feel like I might actually be getting the hang of splitting! Rather than drone on about how […]

The Science of Buying Snowboard Boots

The boots maketh the ride! Honestly, you cannot spend too much time, or money on finding the right snowboard boot for you.

Coping with Anxiety

Coping with Anxiety

I have a confession to make… bike riding made me cry! Two weeks ago I scored a second hand bike for the princely sum of $50, and have been itching to take it for a spin since. Finally I had an entire day to myself, and with the sun shining I was ready to take […]

Splitboard Season : OPEN

Splitboard Season : OPEN

  The last week inched by slowly, with the promise of snowfall to sea-level forecast for much of the lower south island all eyes were focussed squarely on the weather radars while we eagerly counted down the days. With baited breath I hit the hay early in the evening, knowing that promising storms are often […]

Saturday Session : Jamie Anderson

Saturday Session : Jamie Anderson

Joining the ranks of snowboard babes rocking out their own mini-series documenting their season’s adventures is Sochi Gold Medallist – Jamie Anderson! This winter Jamie has been ‘Living The Dream’, along the road to Sochi and the dizzying heights of success, it seems like is been one hell of a ride for this lovely lady.   […]

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