Picture a beautiful log cabin perched on a powder-coated mountain side, aglow from the warmth within. It’s snowing ever so softly and you can hear laughter coming from inside. As you get to the door you notice a sign, it reads:

“Welcome to your Sanctuary”

Suddenly you’re compelled to step across the threshold – you’ve just GOT to know what’s inside!

Shake the snow from your shoulders, slip your boots off and come sit by the fire with me…

This is the log cabin – online! I’ve carved out a cosy little corner of the internet where like-minded snowboard girls can gather, a place where we can share our wisdom, fears and aspirations. In the Sanctuary you will find plenty to sink your teeth into as we grow this space together.

Sanctuary Snow is NOT just another carbon copy “by women – for women” website.

Born out of fierce passion for women in snowsports, and a burning desire to not only support ladies who shred, but to prove to the industry (and the WORLD!) that we are a force to be reckoned with, and it’s time to stand up and take note!

The Sanctuary throws it’s doors wide open for lifetime snowboard girls, sistas strapping in for the first time, summer-lovin’ beach babes – and every girl in between!

Here you’ll find a tribe of lady shredders to call your own, ladies who feel the call of winter –  snow is on our minds while we sip cocktails in the summer sun.

In this space I PROMISE you’ll be taken seriously, never be told that to ‘just ride mens gear’ when all you want is an industry that supports you 110%.

Getting out on my board is my sanctuary, it’s when I feel most lit-up, most passionate and most inspired. I first strapped in at the tender age of 10,  with a blatant disregard for fear I was racing around the mountain in no time.

My love affair with snowboarding has taken me around the world, and continues to be the focus of my life. Sharing my passion with the world, and building a community for women just like me is my calling. 


Sanctuary Snow Womens Snowboard Community

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