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Inspiration Mountatins

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They’re pretty impressive right?


Gigantic beasts with craggy faces wearing snowcapped peaks.


Their heads touching the clouds while their feet stretch out into endless plains and their toes dip into the edge of crystal clear lakes.

The rumbling core of the planet rages below them, yet they still strive ever upward.

Powerful rains threaten to wash them away and mighty winds drive into their side, yet still they stand proud and tall.


img via : SplitboardNZ



Personally, I have always felt at home in the mountains. Nestled safely in the comfort of millions of years of solid rock or sitting quietly at their feet listening to stories of storms and seasons past. Witnessing the first dusting of snow peeking out from golden sunrise clouds on a crisp autumn morning always fills me with the joy of the season to come. Seeing the mountainsides transform with hundreds of tiny waterfalls following a heavy spring downpour reminds me that even on the darkest days there is always something worth celebrating.


My love and I first connected over a love of mountains and shared our growing relationship with the alpine ranges of the world. Our favourite days are always spent climbing up rugged peaks and sliding our way back down together, whether on snow or under the summer sun. Now we’ve found home where the mountains meet the lake, where we can see winter approaching slowly down the hillsides from our windows and bask in incredible sunsets reflecting on the water. Our relationship is as strong our alpine playground, thanks to the adventures had in it’s midst.


This past weekend we decided to pack our gear and head up into an old glacial valley to escape for a while and explore more of this wild country. We camped between two jagged ranges, alongside a crystal clear river. We climbed up one side of they valley, battling grass as tall as me, Matagouri brambles and invisible bogs, ending up back at camp sweaty and muddy. The smiles on our faces were caked on harder than the mud on our legs, as we sat around our mini-campfire toasting marshmallows and simply enjoying each other and our little slice of paradise.


There, surrounded by my craggy friends I was reminded to aim higher and persevere against all odds, to take time to understand and respect our environment and most importantly to continually strive forward in my own journey. Mountains are an incredible source of inspiration, if only we take the time to soak it all in, to understand their stories and celebrate their ever changing beauty.


Whether summer or winter I have learnt above all else, to respect the mountains. In all their magnificent glory, and with the amazing playground they offer us there is still a dark side that has the potential to take lives in an instant. Lives lost tragically in the pursuit of adventure and conquering another peak are never lost in vain. Carrying the lessons and determination of those who we have lost inspires my mountain lifestyle, keeps my ego in check and serves as a reminder to live and love to the fullest extent of my being.


img via: SplitboardNZ

img via: SplitboardNZ


We can learn a thing two from mountains, ya know?


With the weight of the world above and volatile tremors below, mountains could easily crumble in the face of adversity. Instead they choose not to bother themselves with external forces which they cannot control and focus solely on reaching for the sky, against all odds.


^^If we stand tall and proud..
^^If we focus our energy on our own purpose..
^^If we stop concerning ourselves with elements we cannot control..
We can reach the skies and fill the world with our grandeur!


We might get worn down by driving rains, but the rivers and waterfalls that form in the storm’s wake will become part of our story, part of us.

The world may crumble and shake below us, but we still stand firm, showing the world our strength and determination to succeed against all odds.


Let your experiences shape you, but not define you…

Stop trying to move mountains, instead become a mountain…

Ever changing yet determined, breathtaking yet  imposing, appreciated by all yet only truly understood by the few who dare peek into the cracks!


So loves, what are your unusual sources of inspiration??
Let me know in the comments …


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