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I’ve just been scrolling through my instagram feed, jaw on the floor thinking that there’s no possible way those pictures of exotic places, deep snow and incredible experience are a time capsule for my life. I almost had to pinch myself before I sat back and realised just how incredibly fortunate I am to experience so many amazing things, meet so many wonderful people and capture it all to revisit later.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to brag and I certainly have my share of the shit…shit days at work, people that let me down, a long list of things I would rather be doing than vacuuming¬† the cat hair out of the carpet.

I don’t get paid to travel the world, I don’t have sponsors giving me gear and plane tickets, and I don’t have a large bank balance…or a lot of debt.

Instead I am hugely passionate about travel, about snowboarding, about creating and about not working some shitty 9-5 job just because society thinks I should, so I live a life that lets me make those things happen.

I want you to know here and now, hand on my heart that you can do it too!

You CAN go on holiday to wonderful far off places and experience cultures so very different from your own.

You CAN follow your passion and go winter to winter around the world chasing snow, make a move to a big city or seaside town where you feel more at home than anywhere else you have ever been, quit your boring day job and jump on a plane…or anything else you so desire!

You CAN make your dreams a reality!


Is it going to be easy? Hell no, but it will be so, SO worth it!

How I made THIS my life!

THIS is the life I want!

Honestly, I don’t have all the answers, what I do have are 3 tried and tested tips that make it work for me – and some of my keener readers will know that I’ve been down this path before, this time we’ve taken things up a notch and added a bit more juice!
There is no miracle cream and there’s not some huge secret that I am about to bust wide open. Most importantly, please know that the things I do might not work for you at all, maybe they will though, what have you got to lose??

The super-dooper, mega most important thing to do


I hear ya,¬† ‘*yawn* that old chestnut’.
Seriously though, focus on YOUR priorities, your very own unique set of things that are important to you, and quit focussing on what everyone else thinks you should be doing. This is YOUR life baby, get out there and start living it your way!! Is having a shiny new car going to be the most amazing thing in the world right now, or would you prefer to get about in the little old car you have that works perfectly fine and instead jump on a plane to ride the finest powder, soak in hot water bubbling straight from the ground and eat yourself into a food coma in Japan?

You also have to be prepared to SAY NO.

No, I don’t really need that super cute dress right now. No let’s not go out for coffee, why don’t you come to my place instead? No, I’m not going on a big fancy holiday this year because I’m saving a deposit for my dream home!
No is not a dirty word, and it can be far far more beneficial for YOU and YOUR LIFE to say no every now and then. Heck, don’t turn down every super cute dress and coffee date, but please do think about your choices and make sure that every single one of them lines up with your end goal! The hardest part of saving for this years trip to Japan was saying ‘no’ over the holiday period, on the other hand though turning down a handful of Christmas parties left us with a lot more dollars in our bank which meant we could buy a heartfelt gift for our hosts to thank them for a wonderful stay – and sharing that gift not only made their day, but ours too!

Stop trying to KEEP UP with the Joneses…or anyone else for that matter.

I get it, you live in a run down old house but you keep seeing all these amazing interior design ideas on pinterest AND your best friend just moved into a swanky new apartment with all the mod cons while you’re battling to just get a nice long hot shower – so you should move out into your own swanky apartment with a spa bath right now! Hold that thought just a moment for me. You’ve got a roof over your head and a safe place to call home, do you really need to spend hundreds of dollars extra a week for airconditioning and a dishwasher? If you do – fuck yeah, DO THAT, make it your PRIORITY to be living in the house of your dreams, but if your biggest boldest dream is to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary for 6 months, or perhaps it’s to start your own business, sit back and ask yourself some of these questions :
Can it wait?
What is my main priority right now?
Will I be happier having X or having done Y at the end of the year/in5years/when I’m old and grey?

This is your journey, and chasing your own passions means carving out your own path without also trying to do, have and be everything that everyone is doing, has and is! It can definitely be overwhelming at times trying to beat our own drums, but the reward for working so hard and staying focussed is being able to live our dreams – and if you are feeling like it’s all a bit much check out how I deal with overwhelm in my life, you might find an idea or two to get you through!

I personally have just made the decision to turn down B School this year so that I can put that money into savings for our first home, in my mind I can hear people saying ‘but if you invest in yourself you will be able to start your business and make more money doing what you love THEN you can buy a house’. Absolutely, 100% true, but that is not aligned with my big goal of owning land and feeling more settled at home this year, simply put my priority goal has to come first and everything else can wait for next time…and there is ALWAYS a next time!

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other hot tips for following your own dreams!

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