My goals for snowboarding in Japan!

Well, its been a while…I was pulled away from writing for a long while, I wasn’t drawn to even look at my own writing let alone try and write a post for the sake of keeping up appearances. I have my reasons for stepping back and shifting focus, but that is a story for another time, I am however thrilled to bits to be back in this space with these words coming effortlessly!!

This winter was a busy one, jammed full of highlights (again perhaps a story for another time!) and now in the heat of summer we are getting ready for a journey to one of my favourite places on the planet.  Blanketed in meters upon meters of fluffy snow, filled with wonderful people and delicious food Japan has stolen my heart and quite simply, I can’t wait to be back in there in my snowy sanctuary! Early on in 2014 we resolved that we would work extra hard and reward ourselves with a nice long holiday to the land of the rising sun to enjoy everything it has to offer, now on the verge of packing my snowboard bag my mind is filling with ideas, goals and wishlists for an epic holiday to come….

I’m going to FALL – A LOT!

Now, this may seem like a crazy plan and trust me the last thing I want is to injure myself BUT more than anything I want my riding to progress. On face value its counter-intuitive to want to progress by falling over on the other hand we can only truly progress at anything when we step outside our comfort zone, push our limits and learn how to handle new situations – and in snowboarding this inevitably means taking a tumble or ten!

I’m going to totally, 100% connect to the moment!

Regular visits to the onsen, switching off my phone, emails & social media – ok maybe not the ENTIRE time…, not being afraid to say YES to the most expensive dish on the menu. All in, no strings attached good times ahead! Honestly, I’m not the best at switching off always tempted to have one last look at the work emails or check facebook for the umpteenth time and I definitely want this trip to be something special. Finally we have the ability to jump on a plane with enough cash in the bank to do exactly as we please and I’m going to be there for every moment of it..not wallowing about in the mundane day-to-day crap.

I’m going to try new things!

Whacky pachinko parlours – CHECK! Weird and wonderful food – YES PLEASE! Splitboarding at old closed ski resorts – HECK YES! Cheeky sunrise missions – WHY NOT?! I tend to have a fairly firm grip on my comfort zone, and my big challenge to myself this year is to burst that damn bubble and get out more! Starting with getting a little freaky on holiday I hope that I can continue to push the envelope throughout the vast entirety of 2015.

I’m going to take MORE photos & MORE videos!

This may seem a little contrary to connecting to the moment I know, but hear me out. I often get back from a trip here, a mini-outing there or even a fun afternoon in the sun and wish I had taken at least ONE damn photo. I’m TERRIBLE with photos, I mean, I’m not a total hack at taking them…I just never take the TIME to take any! This holiday I’m going to have just as many beautiful memories etched into my mind as well as onto the memory card of my GoPro and our camera so I can fill my house with them when we get back.

Honestly, I’m beyond stoked that I get to go and holiday in one of my favourite places, with my favourite guy and some of the best people I know and that is definitely the most important thing for me. Being able to set some goals and dream some dreams is a huge bonus gifted to me from a shifting mindset which is spurring me to get out there and kick some serious ass!


Bring on snowboarding in JAPAN and the rest of what is shaping up to be a game changing 2015!

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