Marie France Roy needs YOU!

I stumbled upon The Little Things Movie  by chance sometime late last year thanks to the glory of Tumblr, in fact you may recall that I’ve already posted one of the trailers! Without knowing a thing about the project, I hit play on a video that quite honestly stole my heart. Amazing shred sisters (and brothers!), backcountry missions, beautiful cinematography, and the all encompassing message of awakening our environmental consciousness and taking steps to reduce our impact on this beautiful earth. It’s the complete package!

For those that haven’t seen, or heard, The Little Things is stroke of genius from snowboarding legend Marie France Roy, featuring the  stories of environmentally conscious riders and the lifestyles they lead in the pursuit of sustainability. Highlighting the importance of mindful sustainability and balancing our passion for snow with the needs of mama nature, TLT features some seriously big names : Jeremy Jones, Gretchen Bleiler, Nicolas Müller, Tamo Campos, Meghann O’Brien, Jonaven Moore, Mike Basich among others!

Although Marie has already donated much of her own time and money to the film, production is expensive business, so The Little Things needs our help! The recently launched Kickstarter campaign has only 15 days left, & with over $16,000 CAD still needed to bring this project to life I felt compelled to spread the word. Honestly, there’s no better way to show you the value of The Little Things than by hitting play on the Earth Day teaser : 



Check out the kickstarter campaign and exchange dollars for awesome rewards!

No, I’ve not been paid, endorsed or sponsored in any way to share this video, or this project. 
As a passionate snow-lover, I’ve been inspired by this project, and in awe of Marie France Roy’s commitment to this cause.
Now I am eagerly awaiting pay-day so that I can help spread this message to the eyes and ears of the world.

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