Saturday Session : Jamie Anderson

Joining the ranks of snowboard babes rocking out their own mini-series documenting their season’s adventures is Sochi Gold Medallist – Jamie Anderson! This winter Jamie has been ‘Living The Dream’, along the road to Sochi and the dizzying heights of success, it seems like is been one hell of a ride for this lovely lady.


Jamie is not only a stellar rider, she is nothing short of inspirational and hugely grounded. Gutsy determination and sheer gnarly-ness personified, she sums up the entire snowboarding communities feelings oh-so-simply :

This is really why we snowboard, because of how much we love it

Next time you’re out for a shred, or throwing yourself into anything you love for that matter…take a page out of Jamie’s book, and “just send it!”

Connect with this Gold Medal Goddess here:

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  1. July 8, 2014    

    She is so amazing.

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