Overwhelmed? Me too.

Having spent half of my life with a snowboard strapped to my feet, its fair to say that snowboarding is my greatest passion. Nothing  else has stuck with me through the passage of time in the same way, yep I still love baking and crafting like when I was a kid but I haven’t devoted my life, and my life savings to either of those things. I’ve traveled the world with nothing but 23 kilograms of snowboarding equipment, chasing back to back winters while constantly dreaming of my perfect life.

Still, the snowboard industry can get me down. Being a male dominated sport, the industry is driven by men who regularly take it upon themselves to decide what women want, which ultimately ends up with what we women get. After spending countless hours trawling the internet for women’s snowboard sites, reviews by women or anything beside the general pissing contest that snowboard forums tend to be I decided enough was enough. Through a vision to create a community where women just like me could come together and share their passion, Sanctuary Snow was born.


Nearly a year later the temperature is cooling down and the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees again, winter is coming and I’m excited! There are endless opportunities about to present themselves along with the falling of snow. I have a list of things I want to achieve this season longer than my arm. Yet I’m struggling to want to continue to build my beautiful little community. I regularly sit down to brainstorm, to get a new blog post out, or to do a bit of research and I succumb to the devil of overwhelm.

  • Where do I begin?
  • Is anyone even going to care?
  • Why bother when there’s so many big companies out there who don’t bother either?
  • Who am I to pretend to be some sort of expert?

Overwhelm is a jerk, but you can totally kick its butt!


  • Take a step back for a minute.
  • Forget all of those negative thoughts swirling around your brain.
  • FOCUS.
  • Remind yourself of the reason why you are here with this overwhelm to begin with.
  • Think positively and move forward passionately.

From here on out I vow to begin at the beginning, to take baby steps and to not be afraid of being a beginner in this huge world of blogging. I’m going to remind myself that if I care, other people care too – if I felt the need to create a women’s snowboard community then there’s definitely other women out there who need it too. Also, you know what..I’m not a big company, and I don’t need to be, after all it was their lack of action that spurred me to raise my voice. Sure I may not be an “expert”, but I have a knowledge and passion that runs to my core – and that’s more important than any qualification could ever be.

If there’s now simple lesson I’ve learnt from snowboarding, it’s to never give up when things are hardest. Perseverance always pays off, and you can be sure that picking yourself up, dusting away the snow and having another crack will lead to your biggest breakthroughs!


  1. Linzi Glitter's Gravatar Linzi Glitter
    April 22, 2014    

    One of the awesome things about community is that everyone can learn from each other – everyone brings expertise 🙂

    • April 24, 2014    

      Love, love, love my little community…and all of the tribes I am fortunate enough to be a part of!

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