Who ARE you?


I’m not feeling particularly eloquent today folks – still a little drained from being out ill, and mentally exhausted from answering this question :

Seriously – who ARE you?

I’ve been sitting with this question for what seems like a small eternity, while trying to produce an About Me page. Sure I could reel off a ridiculous list of things I like (snowboarding, crafts, music, the outdoors….), plenty of things I definitely DON’T like (the ocean, liars, sunburn, bad hair days…), but to articulate who I am…nearly impossible!

Defining ourselves through a list of likes and dislikes, while not dishonest, feels a little lack-luster with maybe even a pinch of self preservation thrown in the mix. Heck, there’s nothing wrong with being into whatever it is that floats your boat – but does that list define you as a person? I don’t think so!!

Think back to your school days and how you made friends…the conversation usually went a little something like this :

 “You like the Spice Girls?”
“Yep! Baby Spice is my fave, AND I just got the movie!”
“AWESOME, I love the Spice Girls too…we should totally be best friends!”

…and just like that you had a new bestie. The system definitely works, and so through our childhood years we begin to define ourselves, and our friendships through the things we like and dislike. Constantly surrounding ourselves with similar souls, until your interests stray too far apart and you have a falling out over which boy-band is hotter or which side to wear your ponytail. Obviously we are drawn to, and connect with, people who share common interests and as we get older – similar values and opinions, but are those commonalities a true reflection of the REAL YOU?

Personally I know that I’ve defined myself through my interests time and time again, taking on different personas depending on which ‘me’ I was expressing.
Snowboard mad tomboy – check!
Emo kid complete with pink hair and swoop fringe – check!
Victory roll rocking ‘pin up’ – check!

Yet, none of those things expressed my innermost values and dreams, and never once did I think it would take a serious amount of time and brainstorming to accurately express the real Jaime. After finally finding the words to convey my authentic self, exasperated I asked my dearest friend..

“why is it so hard to write about OURSELVES?!”

Neither of us knew the answer, but we both knew what an immense task it is to journey to the center of our true beings and uncover the gems of our truthful self. It’s a truly gratifying experience and one that I am so, so glad to have taken – left feeling sparkling and fulfilled I will continue to come back to this place and learn more about me. 

Have you discovered your authentic self yet?! Share your experience below!

Otherwise spend some time getting to know yourself today my love, I promise you’ll revel in every minute of it and maybe even uncover a few gems you didn’t even know existed – then pop back and let me know how you went!


  1. April 1, 2014    

    I have been thinking about this so much lately, Jaime! I think that in the fast-paced world we live in, we actually lose touch with ourselves. The small talk of the world is about what you do, where you live, and what you watch/like/have and so, less and less are we encouraged to connect with ourselves.

    I think these things definitely make up who we are, but it’s also about connecting with our core desired feelings, our values, and our passions. Great question and it always makes my heart happy when I stumble upon someone who is also out there asking it!

    • April 3, 2014    

      I’m absolutely fascinated at just how much we define ourselves and our lives through the things we enjoy and the work we do rather than by the true reflections of our innermost desires – and fears!

      SO, SO awesome to see that there is an awakening and so many more people, like you an I, are out there digging deep and getting to know ourselves on a much deeper level 🙂

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