Saturday Session – Christy Prior

Bringing things back down under today with an epic edit from…..

Christy Prior!

As an Australian living permanently in New Zealand it’s hard to decide just where my  allegiance lies – especially during big events like the Winter Olympics. Honestly though, and as cliché as it may sound, I’m in it for the snowboarding and couldn’t care less who turns out to be the better rider on the day – so long as there was solid performances I’m sold! Although with the level of riding coming out of NZ at the moment, as well as living smack-bang in the middle of snow central here – I’m a little more in the loop with the ladies who are killing it kiwi style.

This is one of the most solid performances I’ve seen recently, Christy is continually upping her game and every.single.time I see an edit or a photo with her name on I’ve just gotta see it!

Can’t wait to see what Christy has in store for Nine Queens!

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