Resisting Self-Love

Changing things up a little today, and opening up to posting about the things that really matter to me – never fear though, there’s ALWAYS going to be plenty of snow-covered goodness to be had in the Sanctuary.


After being fairly well bed-ridden for a week battling fever and infection I’ve come to realise just how important it is to really listen to your body. I think oh-so-many of us are guilty of pushing ourselves too far, because we ‘should’ or ‘we have to’ for our jobs, our partners or any other reason under the sun!

I certainly am.

For a while I thought of self-love as a litte too ‘airy-fairy’ for me, seriously. “OOH I’m just soooo in touch with myself I know exactly what my body craves”- insert eye-rolling, head-shaking condescension.

Getting inside my own body and giving it what it craves – how selfish can you be?!

How WRONG could I be…..!!

While I am no stranger to listening to my heart, and going with my gut instinct, it took getting seriously ill for me to see that I definitely don’t tune in to my body enough – if at all. Tired of being confined to the house from sickness, and finally feeling pretty good I decided it was high time to get my body moving. Stillness is not something I do well, even on doctors orders! I wrangled my love and off we went for an afternoon stroll in the sun.

6km later, at home and in pain I realised that I ignored every alarm bell that was ringing wildly throughout my body – hell even my love had noticed something wasn’t right! He asked time and time again if I was doing okay, or if I needed to turn back, he saw it written plainly across my face and my body  – THIS IS NOT GOOD… stubbornly I pushed on because I wanted to.

I wanted to feel healthy
I wanted to be out in the sun
I wanted to spend time with my love
I wanted to beat the illness

My body wanted more rest, it wanted me to shift down and embrace going slow, it craved gentleness and nourishment.

After a painful night full of self-doubt – I decided it was time to get down and dirty with some serious self-love. I don’t mean paint your nails and do your hair (although that is a total feelgood fest), I mean serious love from the inside out – time for me to listen to my body and hear what it craves!

Right now my body is craving serious nourishment to replace its depleted stores – bring on juicing, salads and veges galore; as well as gentleness to ease back into day-to-day life – hello stretching, strolling and extra-loved up skin care routines.

I’m sure it’s not going to be easy –  making changes and shifting mentalities rarely is, but I do know that embracing self-love is going to be so, so worth it. Hell, I damn well deserve to show myself a little lovin’ … excuse me while I go run a nice hot bath and sink in with a good book…

I know we’re all guilty of resisting self-love now and again, so tell me lovely, when you REALLY tune in – what does self-love look like to you?

Can’t wait to see your comments, and while you here I’d LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it if you shared this post along to your peeps xx


  1. Linzi Glitter's Gravatar Linzi Glitter
    March 11, 2014    

    Self love can be hard for passionate types! Self love to me is the balance between passion and stillness – regular yoga, meditation and dancing when I need it, but also knowing when I need to skip yoga and watch a movie on the couch.

    • March 11, 2014    

      Balance is definitely key! Sounds like you’ve got self love all wrapped up 🙂

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