Splitboard Mag features Aline Bock

Happy Valentines my loves!
In the spirit of Valentines day, I’m sharing the love for Splitboard Mag….

If you haven’t heard of Splitboard Magazine, a FREE online magazine dedicated entirely – you guessed it – to splitboarding, it’s time to take notice! Their most recent offering Less is More, is the 10th drop of the magazine and a milestone well worth celebrating in my opinion. Also worth celebrating is the fact that Splitboard Mag dedicate a section in each issue to women slaying on splits! Aline Bock is the leading lady this month, having made the transition from freestyle sweetheart to big mountain babe, it’s definitely worth the read.

While you’re there check out Kyle Miller’s American Alps Treverse story, an epic feat by an all round good dude that I was fortunate enough to have crash land in my spare room last winter. Kyle’s zest for life and passion for splitting were such a huge influence to my first season as a splitboarder, having him tell the American Alps Treverse story just for us was hugely inspirational.

All in all, Splitboard Mag is keeping my summer splitboard stoke at an all time high, so no matter what hemi you are calling home get over there and get inspired!

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