Splitboarding is for Summer

Summer definitely isn’t my favourite season…are you surprised?! Of course not.
In the past few years after ditching back to back winters and grounding ourselves firmly in Queenstown. I’ve learnt to enjoy the things that summer has to offer. Long days spent soaking up the sun, abundantly green veggie gardens, long sweaty hikes, swimming in the lake and so many bbqs I could never possibly count them all.
Although, stepping onto a splitboard this winter changed the way I look at everything…including summer!

While I’ve been busy jetting about for my 9-5, my thoughts have been solidly focused on splitboarding and growing my ideas into reality.

At the end of winter we were close to broke, eating cheap carby crap for dinner and feeling a little sorry that it was months before we would step foot on snow again. Stepping foot on snow again was the catalyst for serious change. We decided it was high time that we got fitter, healthier and FASTER so that we could go further and longer. The local paper provided us with a cheap-as-chips elliptical cross trainer and a forage under the house turned up a sweet old barbell with a stack of weights..score!
I then spent close to four weeks working across the ditch in Melbourne, and living with my nan. We all know Nan’s houses are the best, full of all the best treats that you are wholeheartedly encouraged to stuff yourself with…not that I take much encouraging. 4 weeks of treating myself, because I could, and I was home ready to get my shit together as winter inches ever closer.

Enter Paleo diet round two, and 5days a week training. Thankfully I have basic knowledge when it comes to exercise from a past life when I want to become a Biomehcanist, so with any luck we will be seeing results sooner rather than later. This week we spiced it up a couple of little with an afternoon hikes which doubled as recciesfor winter adventures. We were Looking for access to an old hut which will hopefully become base for at least one mission this coming season. 2hours and 6kms later – 3ks up, 3ks down…I was muddy, sore and my socks were filled with prickles! Unfortunately we didn’t get as far as we had hoped. We have got isan idea now of just how long it will take to access the zone, and a nice quiet spot to hike for the rest of summer.

It turns out this winter baby has found the purpose of summer, other than burning my lily white skin and making it far too uncomfortable to sleep. Summer is for splitboard prep and drooling over updates from ISPO…but that’s a story for another day.

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