Winter Wrap Up

Summer is officially here, so it’s probably time to look back on the winter that was. I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a few weeks now but honestly, I wasn’t ready to let winter go just yet! Even mother nature isn’t quite ready to let it go either, providing a sweet little dusting of snow on the mountains amongst a run of hot, cloudless days.

This particular winter has been one of the most rewarding ones I’ve ever had. To be able to step out of my comfort zone – and the resort boundary – has me falling head-over-heels in love with snowboarding once again. I’m going to be eternally greatful to my partner for having the guts to get me out there, knowing full well that I was likely to hate it, and bitch and moan the whole time. Fortunately for him, apart from a couple of frustrating moments I picked up splitboarding like a duck to water and have been pushing myself to go further and faster.

I was also hugely fortunate to have one of splitboarding’s best – Kyle Miller – land on my doorstep in August, and stick around to split with us for the vast majority of winter. Thanks to Kyle I picked up some really great tips, and had some super rewarding experiences. The three of us made an epic journey to Splitfest NZ in mid-september where we enjoyed Temple Basin’s best snow of the year, and some hilarious road trip antics – car camping in mid winter and closed roads anyone?! During splitfest I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Adam & Jacqui of First Light, the lovely folks who hooked my up with my split. For me I was beyond stoked to get out with another woman and go at our own pace, we’ve already got plans to hook up again at Splitfest Australia next season!

 So as winter is all but a happy memory now, I’ve found myself in training for next winter ALREADY having only made my last turns a month ago. From the excitement of my split arriving in the post, to epic road trips, making new friends and finding muscles I didn’t even know existed, 2013 will be hard to let go. The mantra of winter ’13 ‘split more work less’ has well and truely stuck…we’re already counting the days (179!) until we can get after it again!


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