Review: Voile Women’s Artisan

I’ve got to admit that it was pretty terrifying dropping  over 2 weeks wages on the necessary gear to begin my splitboarding journey. What if I hated splitboarbing? What if the board was super sucky? What if I couldn’t get the hang of it?! Enter the beautiful Voile Women’s Artisan Split!

As soon as my shiny new Voile Artisan splitboard arrived, I was keen to get it up the mountain and give splitboarding a go. A few pointers and I was on my way, feeling a little like bambi trying to take his first steps. 4 months down the track and I have taken to splitboarding like a duck to water, and I’m certain that its largely because I was fortunate to step onto a board I loved right from the word go!

In my time so far on the Artisan, I’ve ridden all kinds of conditions, powder, crust, slush, wind scoured, ice and even groomers! The beauty of the rocker/camber hybrid profile is that she handles most conditions like a dream. The rocker makes her eager to float through pow and the camber gives great responsiveness as well as a bit of extra bite on the icy stuff. The graphics on the topsheet are absolutely stunning, the gorgeous colours give it a girly edge without being too ‘prissy’. 

Change overs are straight forward, the Voile hardware is no-nonsense – especially since I’ve paired the board with Voile Light Rail bindings – and I’ve even managed to have faster change over times than my partner once or twice! The Artisan fits together snugly in ride mode, so I’ve not had any issues with ice on the inside edge like I’ve seen other splitboarders encounter. In terms of weight, it’s a little heavier than I had hoped it would be, but coming from a boardercross background I’m used to having weight under my feet.

Considering I’d never skinned before, I got the hang of it fairly quickly and again thank the underfoot camber. The rocker makes side-hilling on icy slopes a bit tricky since you don’t always have complete edge contact…a problem that you would only encounter when there’s limited powder on offer! The screws on my touring mounts came loose while skinning one day, but I had a tool on me and they haven’t come loose since.  While I’ve not gotten into anything steep enough to use my tallest climbing wire, having the option there is great peace of mind for my tired legs when I’m heading back home after a day out.

Overall the Voile Artisan has been an awesome investment which has made me fall in love with splitboarding, and will undoubtably help me progress in the sport.

In Short :

Equipment: Voile Women’s Artisan 153 with Voile Light Rail bindings. purchaesed from First Light Snowboards

PRO’s : Hybrid rocker/camber profile helps you slay in all conditions. Smooth transitions between ride/ski modes means more time to ride. Responsive but playful ride means progression and good times!

CON’s : Fairly heavy, so you expect to have to work for your turns. Rocker tip & tail can mean some loss of edge contact in icy conditions.


Voile Womens Artisan


First Ride


Climbing Temple Basin

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  1. Jamie's Gravatar Jamie
    November 10, 2016    

    Thank you for your review. Are you still riding the artisan? If so, how has it held up, flexwise.

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