Weather Watch


Checking the weather…definitely a normal part of my day which swiftly turns into an obsession when a splitboard mission is on the cards!

Lately we have had a whole lot of warm weather and blue skies, it’s been wonderful spring weather! The only problem is, it’s the middle of winter and I want to go splitboarding. I’m actually a little terrified to think of just how much time I have spent checking the forecasts and wishing for colder temperatures. At this rate I’m half expecting a degree in meteorology to arrive in the post.

In the meantime┬áthis little splitboarder has been busy making the most of the warm weather and avoiding average-at-best snow conditions. I’ve been working hard, experimenting with some new, healthy snack recipes (watch this space!) and trying to plan the next big life move – I’m feeling an itch for something BIG and lifechanging!!

My weekend is looming, and I’ve just watched the weather change from my desk, the mountains have disappared behind a cloudy veil which will hopefully lift to reveal beautiful snow-capped peaks come Tuesday. The forecasts aren’t looking great, but I’m thinking my partner and I will head out for at least one run, lest our ride rage gets out of hand!

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